When we need to collaborate on the same Excel sheets in the same time we frequently do it on Excel Online. Today for the first time we bumped into a limit of Office 365 (I guess). It warned us that the file was larger than 10 mb and that we couldn't collaborate on it.

My question is if there's a setting in Office 365 administration which can change this limit.

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There are certain size limitation to view excel file in Excel Online with Office 365 subscription. The actual limit is 10MB as you also know.

"There is no provision to increase that limit up till now"

But still Microsoft provide some of the options to deal with such situation. This ways are described here.

Some of the way are:

  • If you have Excel installed on your device, you can download the workbook and then open it in Excel.
  • If you have edit permissions to the workbook, you can try to reduce the workbook's file size.

According to me you can try with Second option suggested once.


Unfortunately, No.

Workbooks that exceed 10 megabytes (MB) cannot be viewed in Excel Online from within Microsoft SharePoint Online.

To view larger files, you’ll need the Excel desktop app installed on your computer.

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