I want to add new button on my page how can add ? sharepoint designer Please check attched screen shot


First, you didn't write if it is for edit or new form. But Let's say it is for both or for one of those forms.

  • You can do it by opening SharePoint designer 2013,
  • on the left side menu choose Lists and libraries, choose the list in which you want to create this new button.
  • Than, when main window refreshes and lists' options are visible to you, look at right column on second window from up where it says Forms.
  • There is a button New.. Choose if you want Edit form or New form, give name to that form and click OK.

  • After that a new form will be created in the list of Forms.

  • Right click on it and choose Edit in Advanced mode.
  • Than take a look at the image bellow, Find ms-toolbar in code and you will see in your code something similar to that

You just need to add part from Start to End with additional actions for your new button. Outcome is on the second image.

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I find the easiest way (if you're wanting it on the page itdself) is to create a content editor web part and use HTML if that's the case and you not familiar with HTML then I can help or you can use W3. Alternatively use a promotoed links list web part if you want multiple links and the button would be an image.

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