I have been asked to explore about Site Templates but I haven't been provided to access the Site Templates Settings. Is there any website which can tell me about site templates in SharePoint 2013 ?

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There are two types of site templates in SharePoint

  1. Default site templates.

the default site templates, such as Team Site, Project Site, and Communities Site. SharePoint site templates are prebuilt definitions designed around a particular business need. You can use these templates as they are to create your own SharePoint site, and then customize the site as much as you want.

When you create a new site you can find the different type of site templates as shown

enter image description here

As shown above, you have 4 default template category

  • Collaboration .
  • Enterprise.
  • Publishing.
  • Custom.

For more details about Template category check Using-templates-to-create-different-kinds-of-SharePoint-sites

  1. Custom site templates.

you can also create your own site template based on a site you've created and customized. A custom site template is a way to package site features and customizations that you can add to a solutions gallery. Custom site templates are often used to deploy solutions in other sites or to provide site consistency within your organization. For example, you may have a standard policy on project management, and so you require the use of a custom project site template for all new projects.

After you customize your template you can save it as template to can use it with different sites.

Note: save site as a template is not supported by publishing site.

For more details check Create-and-use-site-templates


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