I'm creating a web part using Visual Studio 2008 for SharePoint 2007. If I'm creating the web part from scratch, I typically don't have any properties defined yet in my code.

I've found that it is hard to remember the syntax for a web part property because of all the attributes I need to specify. For example, the Creating a Web Part with Custom Properties tutorial shows how to create a variety of properties:

[Category("Custom Properties")]
[FriendlyNameAttribute("Custom String")]
[Description("Type a string value.")]
public string MyString
        return _myString;
        _myString = value;

Instead of searching for code each time I want to add a property or typing from scratch, is there an easy way to add a web part property to my custom web part?


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I use code snippets for this kind of thing.

  1. How to create a code snippet
  2. How to Manage Code Snippets

Here is an example string property you can invoke by wpptabtab. Then you tab through the parts to fill out:

  <CodeSnippet Format="1.0.0">
      <Title>SharePoint Web Part Property</Title>
      <Description>Create a SharePoint Web Part Property, Field and Default Field</Description>
      <Author>Revised by Kit Menke, Original Author: Morgan Everett</Author>
          <ToolTip>Replace with the tyoe of the Web Part Property</ToolTip>
          <ToolTip>Replace with the Name of the Web Part Property</ToolTip>
          <ToolTip>Replace with the name of the Category where this property will appear in the ToolPane</ToolTip>
          <ToolTip>Replace with the Friendly Name of the Web Part Property</ToolTip>
          <ToolTip>Replace with the Description of the Web Part Property</ToolTip>

      <Code Language="CSharp">
        <![CDATA[private const $type$ DEFAULT_$PropertyName$ = "MyDefault";
        private $type$ _$PropertyName$ = DEFAULT_$PropertyName$;

        public $type$ $PropertyName$
            get { return this._$PropertyName$; }
            set { this._$PropertyName$ = value; }

Define TOOLBOX_SECTION_NAME as a const string at the top of your web part class to group them all together.

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