I wanted to develop solutions for Sharepoint 2013. I have visual studio 2013 installed on a windows 7 machine and Share point 2013 installed on Win 2008 R2 server. Both systems in the same LAN. I am able to access sharepoint through browser like so http://sp-production/sites.

Since I could not install share point 2013 on my Win 7 machine I tried for remote development. I have searched on Google and found this SO Post. I have configured according to the post and now I can create Apps for Share point.

When I try to create a Share Point Project (Empty Project for example) in Visual Studio 2013 it pops up the dialog asking for the site. I entered http://sp-production/sites/IT and clicked on validate. This has thrown an error

Screenshot of the error I get

I searched for a solution to this and came across various posts that said editing the hosts file and adding a lien there with the IP address of the Sharepoint Server and the Sharepoint server name and hence I have added sp-production.

I have also tried to add my own PC IP tot he hosts file but given the name of the sharepoint server but the error still persists.

But still I get the same error that is depicted in the screen shot above.

Kindly advice on resolving this.

Note: My Sharepoint is a fresh installation without any sort of customisation (connected to Active Directory) and I am the only user on Sharepoint currently with site administrator privileges on the specified URL

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Typically for SharePoint development, Visual Studio is installed on the server that is also running SharePoint. Very often this is on a virtual server that is dedicated to the developer, and is in essence a "private farm", which has no connection to the production SharePoint farm.

The answer you link to involves creating registry entries designed to fool VS into thinking SP is actually installed on the same machine.

IMHO this is not a good practice. Even in Microsoft's own instructions on how to set up a SharePoint development environment, the basic steps are:

  • Install the OS (Windows Server)
  • Install SharePoint
  • Install Visual Studio

This would seem to me very strong evidence that the intended setup is to have VS on the same server as SP.

Additionally: Apps are the only type of project you actually can do remotely. You should be able to create an "App for SharePoint" type project on a machine that does not have SharePoint installed even without doing all that registry trickery.

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