I built an approval workflow on a sp 2013 list A. Now I create another workflow on the task list of this workflow to do one thing:

whenever an item on list A get approved, I want the workflow update a column (WF) on List A to "Approved".

This is the workflow I did on the task list.

if current item: Task Outcome equals Approved
update item in List A.

Now, how can find the current item that I can update the WF COLUMN TO "Approved"? I tried to use task id= item id , but that's not right...Can anyone help?


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In task list the item id is stored in Workflow List Id field. You can use that for finding the Parent Item.

Also I would suggest you change your approach and use a Workflow associated with List A. In that workflow you can use Stages and Parallel Actions to achieve the same.

Check this question to get an idea on how to implement this - Workflow wait for task complete OR date/time


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