I'm getting this error

Column 'Title' does not exist. It may have been deleted by another user. /Global desktop

while clicking Share files button in ribbon. The information I got is as below:

  • The request is going from Sharepoint js libraries to http://site/_vti_bin/client.svc/ProcessQuery
  • I went in depth of REST query and resent after editing. I removed Title property from following query and it worked:

    <Query Id="245" ObjectPathId="238"><Query SelectAllProperties="false"><Properties><Property Name="ID" SelectAll="true" /><Property Name="FileRef" SelectAll="true" /><Property Name="FileLeafRef" SelectAll="true" /><Property Name="Title" SelectAll="true" /></Properties></Query>

  • The result of the modified query is as follows:

    "_ObjectType_": "SP.ListItem",
    "_ObjectIdentity_": "740c6a0b-85e2-48a0-a494-e0f1759d4aa7:site:8a58da05-7bef-4d82-84f2-a2a2e218af9b:web:ac1a65ba-a71e-4096-b939-7d880ad47b20:list:48eb9616-5dce-43af-8bb8-fa1b84bc3ebf:item:1,1",
    "_ObjectVersion_": "3",
    "ID": 1,
    "FileRef": "/Global desktops/Testing.aspx",
    "FileLeafRef": "Testing.aspx"

I am looking for a way to add a property Title to this SP.ListItem so that the error should not occur. Powershell solution would be preferred (for testing)


you should use internal name.(below is the image to find internal name of column) :-
go to list setting -> Click on column name [Column (click to edit)] -> then you will see below image

enter image description here

  • Thank you so much! This really help me. We should use 'internal name' instead 'display name'. Now, I can execute my Power Shell script. :)
    – Tam Dao
    Apr 16 '20 at 4:47

The Title column can't be deleted or changed its data type, but it can be renamed or hide So,

  • Make sure it's not renamed or hide .
  • Make sure you have the correct Internal Name for the Field with the DisplayName Title.

Note : you may have a Linkable Title column with display name title but it's internal name is LinkNoTitleMenu

To get the internal name of specific field :

  • browsing to the List Settings > Edit Column and look at the Field QueryString.


Note : If you have space in your display name it's converted to '_x0020_' , '_' is converted to '%5f'

Check Also Finding the internal name and display name for a list column


If you are working with sharepoint document libraries remember that it uses the field name instead of title. If you look in a document lobrary the field title is most of time blank. Have you tried your query using name field?

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