The users need to be about to print the forms they've filled out on SharePoint after they've filled them out. In just wondering if it is easily possible because I'm not finding anything.

Forms are hosted on SharePoint and created in InfoPath

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  • Go to list > Customize List> select your form.
  • Add a Content Editor Web part or Script Editor for SharePoint 2013 to the page.

enter image description here - Add the following code.

`< input type="button" value=" Print this page "   onclick="window.print();return false;" />`

You can also add on click the following function

function printInfoPathForm(){ var ipForm = $(INFOPATH_FORM); if (ipForm) { //build html for print page var html = "<HTML><HEAD>\n"+ $("head").html()+ "</HEAD>\n<BODY>\n"+ ipForm.html()+ "\n</BODY></HTML>"; //open new window var printWP = window.open("","printWebPart"); printWP.document.open(); //insert content printWP.document.write(html); printWP.document.close(); //open print dialog printWP.print(); } }

For more details check this article


Have you possibly looked into this: http://infopathprinter.codeplex.com/

You can add the option as a Custom Action XML


If you are looking for "Print" button on the form page Edit the default list form, add "Content Editor" webpart and put the below HTML as content. you can add css in the same place for formatting.

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