I write a powershell script and when i try to get siteusers from certain SPWeb not all i have an access denied. My spweb object is correctly retrieve because i can display $web.Url

    $webapps = Get-SPWebApplication

$userToReplace = $null
foreach($webapp in $webapps) {
    if($userToReplace -ne $null){
    $webappName = $webapp.DisplayName
    Write-Output "webapp: $webappName"

    foreach($sc in $webapp.Sites){

            $siteUrl = $sc.Url  
            #Write-Output "siteUrl: $siteUrl"

            $spsite = new-object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite($siteUrl)
            $web = $spsite.openweb()
            Write-Output $web.Url

            $siteUsers = $web.SiteUsers 
            #here is empty and an exception with acces denied occurs when trying to loop throw the collection
                foreach($user in $siteUsers){ 
                Write-Output $user.LoginName  


-I've tried to put my code between elevated privilege but still doesn't workd


-I ran my script as administrator -I added policy on all web app with full control -I used command:

Get-SPShellAdmin | Add-SPShellAdmin -UserName domain\user

Nothing of this solutions worked


Do you also have access as a site collection owner? My experience is that it is not sufficient with permission through Add-SPShellAdmin. You need to have site collection administrator permissions on the current site collection as well.

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