I have a list with an InfoPath form published to it. I have a request to have a print button functionality added.

I have seen that on Form Libraries this was doable but how about a List Form?

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I think you cannot have code for List form instead we can have for Library form.

but you can try to

  • add a InfoPath form web part and place the InfoPath list form on that web part.
  • add a content editor web part with the following func to reference the form (div) directly:

function printInfoPathForm(){ var ipForm = $(INFOPATH_FORM); if (ipForm) { //build html for print page var html = "<HTML><HEAD>\n"+ $("head").html()+ "</HEAD>\n<BODY>\n"+ ipForm.html()+ "\n</BODY></HTML>"; //open new window var printWP = window.open("","printWebPart"); printWP.document.open(); //insert content printWP.document.write(html); printWP.document.close(); //open print dialog printWP.print(); } }

You can also check


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