I've got a simple list with 3 columns; Employee Name, Status, and a calculated field. Status column is a dropdown choice between "Active" & "Inactive"

Calc field formula is: =IF(Status="Active",[Employee Name],"")

When I first setup the calc field, it works perfectly. It shows as blank when Status is set to "inactive". However, if I then edit a Status from Active to Inactive, the calc field for that item shows a 0 instead of a blank/nothing.

If i go in and simply look at the calc field config, and hit OK without changing anything, all items that had a 0 now show a blank/nothing like they should. The calc field is set to "Single line of text".

How do I make the calc field show "" even after an item has been edited?


Sound like the datatype for your Calculated Column is Number

  • The Calculated Column is set to "Single line of text". – Ted Glass Jul 27 '16 at 16:25

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