I have two Content Editor Webparts in a page(CEWP) in a SharePoint page. In the first CEWP I have two html text boxes and one button. If i click on the button in first CEWP the second CEWP will display the result in page. How to concatenate and display the result.

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Its not needed to use two CEWP, you can achieve it in a single CEWP itself. After your html textbox and buttons add a 'div' tag as below.

<div id="displayresults" />

On click event of your button, call a JavaScript function that will your results to the div like below,

var resultdiv = $("#displayresults");
var resultTable="<Your results in html format>";

You should use ID in the HTML elements.


first content editor

<input type="button" onclick="SetSecondC();" values="Click" />

function SetSecondC() {
    document.getElementById('txtSecond').value = "Message";

second content editor

<input type="text" id="txtSecond" />

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