A user has asked me if it would be possible to lock a document library at a specific time and possible on a schedule.

The puropse is to ask members of the site to submit a report by 4pm on a Friday, but at 4:01pm the library goes into read only mode.

If they haven't submitted the report, then there's trouble.

I've seen that you can acheive this via IRM, but that requires a fair bit of effort to setup, and is site wide.

Does anyone have any ideas how this might be acheived using just SharePoint 2013 out of the box?


You are on-prem,

On your SP server, start a Task-Scheduled Powershell script which sets the Item Level Security.

Note: The UI only exposes this for Lists, but with Code you can set this for Libraries as well!

with PowerShell:

$spList.ReadSecurity=2 # 1=read all items, 2=read items created by user
$spList.WriteSecurity=4 # 1=Create and edit All, 2=Create and edit Own items, 4=None

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