I am writing a Java program that would watch all the files in the document libraries of SharePoint 2013 and do something with it. I read online that we can map SharePoint site to a network drive. Since my Java program is running on another machine on the network, I need to be able to access files in the document libraries from a remote machine. I could map SharePoint to a network drive on SharePoint server, but I could not do that on a remote machine.


I realized what was needed to be done. I had to enable Desktop Experience Feature in Windows Server 2012 so that WebClient windows service starts up. Then process of mapping SharePoint to a network drive is the same.

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One of the prerequisites of Mapping SharePoint to a network directory on a remote machine is to

  • Make sure that The webclient windows service has been started.
    • Go to "Run" (windows button + R )> type service.msc > make sure that the web client service has been started.

Note : If you can't find it try to install Desktop Experience feature as mentioned at Couldn’t Find WebClient Service Within Services List on Windows Server 2012 R2 / Install Desktop Experience feature

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