I am new to SharePoint and learning at the moment.

When I try to create a site collection I am facing issue of 500 Server not found.

I have checked following articles

But these didn't help.

Following is the screenshot:


I can't see anything weird in this.

Please suggest me.


First try to delete cookies , and reset IIS , if this is not helped you , Try to check the following causes for this issue

  1. Application pool account was missing the “Impersonate a client after authentication” user right
  2. The Web config file might have been modified in incorrect format.
  3. An Application Pool might have been stopped.(Check all WFE servers within farm)

Regarding Cause 1

  • Go to Start > Administrative tools > Local Security Policy > Local Policies > User Right Assignments > Impersonate a client after authentication properties
  • Add the Application Pool account for the site which is not working
  • Reboot the server, so the changes can take effect
  • Browse the site and it should work fine


Regarding case 2,3 you should check the detail steps at 500 – Internal Server Error in SharePoint 2013

  • I am using Windows 10 Home for Sharepoint Server using www.disruptivei.com/Blogg/Inlägg/6/Install-SharePoint-2013-on-Windows-7-8-8-1 and there are not Local Security Policy available in Home Edition. – Manoj Sethi Jul 27 '16 at 10:11

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