In SP 2010 OOTB if we select the item and click Email a "Link item URL", Item URL will be open in outlook body. Same way once user will select the item and click on Email a Link, I want that items data should open in outlook body and then user will manually type the email id and forward it. Need advice on this.

  • OOB the box you will need to use connect to Outlook and then forward the e-mail from there. Failing that look at third party Outlook integration. – Bunzab Jul 26 '16 at 16:04

You can make a hyperlink field that is an email link with the body included. You'd have to write a workflow to set the value, and the workflow would have to run every time the is edited. I've given similar examples here and here. For yours, you'd leave out the email address. So the link would look something like: `mailto:?subject=your subject&body=body text

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