I need to update a user field based on the value selected from a lookup column.


I have a lookup column with Location details. When I select a location the corresponding manager name gets populated in the user field

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    Please add more details to your question, what are you trying to do? How? Where? With what tooling? – Robert Lindgren Jul 26 '16 at 7:12

As I understand from your brief question , You need to create a cascading dropdown list so you have 4 option to do that

  • Customize your form via InfoPath as mentioned in this viedo.
  • Create a new cascading custom field as mentioned in here.
  • If you are using SharePoint 2010 you can use this solution at complex.
  • Using the following spservices code and for more details check this.


relationshipList: "Display Name of Master List",


"Parent Column Internal Name from     Master List",

relationshipListChildColumn: "Child Column Internal Name from Master List",

parentColumn: "Parent Column Display Name from List/Library",

childColumn: "Child Column Display Name from List/Library"



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