When you edit a list item properties, you can redirect the user to a specific page when the user click on the save button. It worked nice until I tried to test it with an external web server.

So far, only localhost and same sharepoint server URLs do the redirection, when I try with an external one (my Azure hosted web server or Google), clicking the save button will just download the edited file.

I have this issue with both on-premise and online SharePoint servers.

This will works:


This will works too:


And this won't work:


Is there a way to force the server to accept my external URL? I need to redirect the user from the edit form to my web server and vice versa few times.

I'm using the CSOM API (in C#) and I can't custom the server side forms (it has to work with a fresh new SharePoint server), also I want this to works with both on-premise et online SharePoint server.

Thanks in advance.

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    I think this is the actual behavior. If that is the case, the only option you have would be doing a double jump: redirect to a custom page that would do the actual redirect using the CSOM / Ecmascript. Will try to have a look and report if I find out anything different – SPArchaeologist-様 Jul 25 '16 at 18:18
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    I would like to provide the most OOB experience possible to the end user. I already think of a workaround on the end-user side (because I can't change others SP servers with my app) but I thought there was an option or something else that will allow me to pass external url to SharePoint. Plus, in february, I'm sure that I tested it with Google and it worked (wtf ?). Thanks anyway :) – Lyyn Jul 25 '16 at 21:11

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