This is a complicated requirement that is driving me a bit crazy and I was hoping someone could help me find a solution.

I'm using SharePoint 2013.

Imagine 3 collaborators and 1 very important (I'll fire you if its wrong) person who reaps the benefit of the collaboration. I'll call them 'Drafter', 'Approver', 'Advisor' and 'VIP'

The rules are

  • They work collaboratively on a single Word document in a document library
  • Drafter, Approver and Advisor may edit the document
  • Advisor tells VIP when the work is ready review
  • Advisor can also suggest changes that Drafter and Approver would have to implement
  • Drafter's work must always be approved by Approver before Advisor sees it
  • Edits from anyone happen concurrently

The last 2 points are the tricky ones. It basically would work the same as a Pull Request in github where the document is branched, reviewed then merged back into master.

so instead of


it would work like

  \          /        
   ----------   <- Drafter's work isn't included until merged 

I thought at first that I could send the document to a Document Site but it doesn't seem have any mechanism to merge back to the original document. From the Document Site using the command on the Document Ribbon I am able to Send the Document to the original Document Library but that squashes interim edits.

So I was wondering how to make this work and what the permissions would need to be for a group not to see pending stuff edited by others

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