SharePoint search refiner adds slash(/) between #k and #s parameters then refinement panel does not work property with out of the box behavior.

After work around found that this happens after AngularJS libraries are loaded.


This happens because of Angular forces HashBang mode by default and it listens for URL changes then override the hash(#) queries which append by SharePoint refiner. You can avoid this by enabling HTML5Mode but its not a permanent solution.More details on angular location provider


Permanent solution would be disabling all location manipulations in angular app which can be achieved by following code snippet.

angular.module('app', [])
.config( ['$provide', function ($provide){
    $provide.decorator('$browser', ['$delegate', function ($delegate) {
        $delegate.onUrlChange = function () {};
        $delegate.url = function () { return ""};
        return $delegate;

Note: Just use this in your app config of angular (i.e. app.js or in angular config location)

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