I have a public facing anonymous site in SharePoint 2013 on Premise. I have written some JSOM to read terms from Termstore .For authenticated users this works fine but for Anonymous users , it throws access denied. Below are some configurations of the site:

  1. Whole site collection is anonymous enabled.
  2. Require Use Remote Interfaces permission is disabled.
  3. Taxonomy hidden list is also set to anonymous.

Note: I am not using Managed Metadata Navigation.

Update: This seems to be a limitation of SharePoint that anonymous users cannot access terms directly from MMS using JSOM . Workaround is to read it from Taxonomy hidden list.

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Go into Term Store, select the term and specify a target page for the item, the path to the anonymous page that uses the term.


Navigate to the hidden list at /lists/TaxonomyHiddenList and check the permissions. If necessary grant read to All Authenticated Users/everyone.

  • I am not using Managed Metadata navigation, so there is no option to specify Target page.
    – Unnie
    Jul 22, 2016 at 13:38

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