The C:\ drive of the server where the central admin is hosted has been consumed unexpectedly by the service account. Currently, it is holding 24 GB of files. When I browsed through files I found that there are a lot of files under


I am unable to view it in the explorer and hence I am unable to delete it directly. All the files are having .ris extension.

Please help me in understanding what kind of folder / file is this and how can I clear the space. CA is throwing an error and none of the applications are opening due to zero space availability.

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Looks like developers or any custom solution or 3rd party solutions using the Isolated Storage for their code, which cause space issue.

isolated storage is a data storage mechanism that provides isolation and safety by defining standardized ways of associating code with saved data. Standardization provides other benefits as well. Administrators can use tools designed to manipulate isolated storage to configure file storage space, set security policies, and delete unused data.

You can cap the storage space etc. These files are may be in use that's why you are unable to delete them.

I would recommend move this storage location from C drive to others. Read more about this: Isolated Storage

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