I ultimatly want to change the display template for the people result (showed horizontally right under the search textbox) in the "Everything"-search.

To do so Ive been instructed to go to the search site Collection->Settings->Query Rules, find "People name in SharePoint Search", copy that and then modify my copy.

When left-click and select "copy" I get the error message

Sorry, something went wrong - Object with Id 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 already exists in the collection

This does not mean anything to me (except that I agree that something went wrong)

Ive testet it on three different Environments, with same result.

Anyone else got this problem? any solutions or leads? (work-around would probably be to change the original display template on server)

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This is not really an answer, rather a work-around, instead of copying an existing Query Rule, I created a new one following this guide

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