I'm trying to get the properties of the subfolders using jsom. Let's say: name, url, etc

I'm using this:

var ctx = new SP.ClientContext(currentSite);
web = ctx.get_web();
list = web.getFolderByServerRelativeUrl(subfolderURL);


And I'm getting the following error:

Invalid request

If I try to load the subfolder only:


I don't have the error but I'm not able to access the properties of the subfolder.

Am I doing something wrong?


When you want to retrieve properties for a single item/folder/list/etc and not a collections of items/folders/lists/etc you need to specify properties like this:

ctx.load(list, 'Name', 'Url', 'other_property_here');

Basically, you DON'T use Include(), but specify the properties as comma-separated arguments in the ctx.load() function.

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