In our SharePoint we have a global navigation that is shared across all site collections on the top of each page. On a team site level we'd like to use Quick launch navigation (i.e. the navigation on the left hand side). Is it possible to setup a site collection in a way it automatically synchronizes this Quick launch menu? I.e. I'd like to achieve that when I for example add a new item to the Quick launch on top site level, it automatically appears in all sub-sites?

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In SharePoint 2013 there is the option to enable Managed Navigation: The navigation items will be represented using a Managed Metadata term set.

This is under Site Settings > Navigation > Current Navigation (Quicklaunch)

enter image description here

I'm sure that there are other ways/techniques but this is a cool fully ootb feature that would keep a global navigation throughout the sites.

SharePoint 2013 introduces managed metadata based navigation. It provides the ability to apply friendly URLs to pages. The Navigation items can be managed using the term store or Managed Metadata. It allows you to create and update navigation for all sites in the farm using the Managed Metadata Service Application.



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