I have a sharepoint FBA application, where I have multiple list for multiple forms.

Now each form will have a status like approved, rejected, draft which will be based on a drop-down column in each list.

Now I want to show the forms

i.e items from each list into a single list on the basis of their status which is submitted, draft and rejected.

How should I approach to this ?


  • Would two web parts on one page work? Then you can see each list all on one page depending on what columns you display etc. – Chris G Jul 19 '16 at 4:07

If your not opting for a out of the box approach, then you can create a SPGridView programmatically and assign your custom data source to your SPGridView.

The SPGridView is the same control which SharePoint uses in its list view. Help : codeproject article

  • How to place a edit column in the grid, when we click on edit button in the grid it should automatically redirect us to the sharepoint edit form of that item. Note: I'm displaying data from multiple grid using SpQuery . So the item can be of any list in the grid – Muskan Jul 28 '16 at 8:47

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