I have a column in SP called Pursuit status that contains various states a proposal can be in. For a diffrent project I need to lump them into 3 buckets (win - loss - pending)

The fields below are:

  • Go Pending
  • Go – Capture
  • No Go
  • Bid – Proposal
  • No Bid
  • Proposal Submitted
  • Win
  • Loss
  • Complete
  • Canceled

If I were going to do this in C# it would be something like

var cell=""
if( pursuit status = Win)
Cell = "Win";
else if (pursuit status = "no go" || "No Bid" || "Loss")
Cell = "Loss";
Cell = "Pending";

How would can I achive the same results in a calculated field?

Best I have so far:

=IF([Column1]="Win", "Win", "Loss")

SharePoint syntax is exactly the same as Excel.

=IF( condition1 , IF( condition2, TRUE , FALSE) , IF( condition3, TRUE , FALSE) )

So for complex Formulas its possible to create/test in Excel (with named ranges) and paste the Formula to SharePoint

!! SharePoint has the limitation of maximum 7 levels deep nested calls !!

See http://www.viewmaster365.com/functions for all SP functions and syntax

With some JavaScript code:


enhances the SharePoint editor:


You can nest if statements as below

=IF(PursuitStatus="Win", "Win", IF(PursuitStatus="Loss", "Loss", "Pending"))

In the place of pending you can add remaining if conditions

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