I tried to google it but can't find a concrete definition. I have an "Access Denied" error on this list. The browser gives me this


Where list GUID 2CE1B06E-1246-4B03-B8EB-6B59C0012F5F is wfpub

I only have this error if I log in with read-only permission. Does it have to do with permission settings? Please help me on how to fix this issue.

  • What were you doing when you got the access denied? You tagged it workflow, but the only connection I see to workflow is the list name.
    – Tom Resing
    Sep 1, 2011 at 13:33
  • @Tom: I was logging into the site (I got the error after entering the password). The list that is associated with the workflow is in a content query web part on the home page. Sep 1, 2011 at 19:33

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To determine the permissions for that document library, you can browse to _catalog\wfpub from the all files menu in SharePoint Designer. Right click on the document library and select Properties to get to a page with a link to the browser adminisrtation page.

Or you can put the GUID for the list in the parameters for the administration page like: http://servername/_layouts/listedit.aspx?List={2CE1B06E-1246-4B03-B8EB-6B59C0012F5F}

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