I have an InfoPath form template created from a custom schema. This template is hosted in SharePoint 2010 InfoPath form library. I want to store the data in InfoPath form library so that I can use workflows, content types and other goodies that SharePoint provides. However, as the user is saving data into the Forms library, I want the same data that be saved in my special SQL database so that I can utilize the data for Corporate Data Warehousing jobs. Is ther a way to do this? I know that if I had constructed my InfoPath form template based on SQL database fields i.e. as opposed to my custom schema, then I would be able to submit the data directly into my SQL database. But that is not what I want.

Please advise.


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In your case, you can't submit to the database directly. You need to expose your database through web services where the create/update/delete are implemented. Then on your InfoPath form you can add a connection to this web service to add data to your database.


Add your SQL table as an external content type with use of BCS. Then you'll have your SQL table as a list, and from your workflow you can use this list just as a normal sharepoint list. Update, Create etc.

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