I am using JavaScript to programmatically call the _doPostback for a task listview webpart using this in my function:


This works great, but when I remove the Timeline from the view it stops doing the partial postback (webpart refresh only). Instead, a full page refresh happens.

The listview webpart is configured for manual refresh in the ajax settings in the webpart properties. What am I missing?


I'm not sure what version this is for, but for 2013/O365 you can use the AJAXRefreshView function provided by SharePoint.

Example using the list title prop, you can use the property that suits you:

    currentCtx: g_ctxDict[
                    Object.keys(g_ctxDict).filter(function(v) {
                        return "Tasks" === g_ctxDict[v].ListTitle
    csrAjaxRefresh: true 
    }, true);
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  • Thanks for your reply! I am using 2013 on-premise, the AJAXRefreshView is new to me. I am trying to implement this within a jquery selectmenu select function where I select a date range and three separate views of the same Tasks list will refresh asynchronously. The original way I was doing it using postback has to wait for each view to finish in turn. I have tried to implement your code to no avail. I am using it within onRequestSucceeded function to test – MSB72 Jul 13 '16 at 22:34

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