I have aa Excel sheet which have multiple site collection sites (around 600) of same web application. I want to add a user with full control rights on all the site collections from Excel sheet.

My Excel sheet example:


Please suggest how can I automate it with PowerShell script or by using C# code.

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If this is for SharePoint Online, then the easiest and only CSOM-free way would be

foreach($site in $sites){set-spouser -Site $site -LoginName [email protected] -IsSiteCollectionAdmin $true}

Admin is not the same as Full Control, but does not require CSOM.

If this is SharePoint on prem, then use this:

$csv=import-csv C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\stack.csv
foreach($site in $csv){Set-SPUser -Identity 'i:0#.w|spo\devuser' -Web $site.Site -AddPermissionLevel "Full Control"}

Documentation: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff607827.aspx

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