I believe the SharePoint server I am using has sp.js installed on it, as we can use _spPageContextInfo, but I cannot use the resource SP.Utilites.Utility.SendEmail. I.E I am getting an error, stating this:


Any thoughts?

  • Whoops! Forgot to add that on the other server, I get an item that the resource cannot be found, even though it seems that sp.js is installed as well. That's actually the bigger problem. – Matthew Dewell Jul 8 '16 at 15:48

It seems your site has MDS enabled. In such cased you should explicitly request the js files from the server using below code

SP.SOD.executeFunc('sp.js', 'SP.Utilities.Utility.SendEmail', sendEmail);

function sendEmail(){
  //Your code goes here 
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  • Hasim I tried my code, later in the day, and it appears to have worked, actually. Thank you for the help, though. – Matthew Dewell Jul 11 '16 at 11:48

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