I need to change the title of default page of PWA site. I would to do it via UI by editing page. But this option in not available.

Then I try to edit the default.aspx via SPD, but have an error :

This web site has been configured to disallow page editing with SPD

My last variant is to add js on the page and edit DeltaPlaceHolderPageTitleInTitleArea

Is it the only way to resolve my problem?


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enter image description here This problem might occur because of

  • SharePoint Designer might be disallowed to be used in this Web Application.
  • By default, Web design features are disabled in ONET.XML file.

I found out a useful article that solves this issue in details



Please go to PWA Settings-> Project Detail Pages and choose page to edit. On page tab choose Edit Properties. There is option to change Display name of default PWA page.

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