So I have the following.

Two libraries. Library A and Library B. I have Workflow 1 that moves a document from Library A to Library B when a certain condition is met. I then have Workflow 2 that is on Library B that is set to run on item creation or change.

Problem is Workflow 2 is not running on items that are added to the library via Workflow 1.

I have confirmed it works on Items that are added to the library directly.


Looks like there are several possibilities for your issue, outlined in this thread: https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/office/en-US/724d1347-c1ab-4dce-96b4-a97a0a320b8b/list-item-created-through-workflow-does-not-start-new-item-workflow?forum=sharepointcustomizationlegacy

  • be cogniscant of using 'Set' versus 'Update' actions. Set will not trigger the Change event, whereas Update will
  • insert an event to log to history before any relevant actions were taken. I set it to log "Start workflow" as the first action
  • creating the new list item from with-in a 'Impersonation Step' - once i changed to a normal 'Step' it solved my issues of the second workflow not starting. This fixes it as the new item is no longer being created by a system account.
  • adding a 1 minute delay to workflow b may fix it

Good luck!

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