I have 2 lists, ParentList and ChildList. The items in ParentList are in folders. Child list has a lookup field pointing to an item in ParentList. When I attempt to run the following query:


The parent object is not expanded and returns a null object. It seems that $expand is not recursive. This killed us. Is there any way around this limitation?

Example response when trying to expand:

<link rel="http://schemas.microsoft.com/ado/2007/08/dataservices/related/ParentList" type="application/atom+xml;type=entry" title="ParentList" href="ChildList(1)/ParentList">
    <m:inline />

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You can try this type of query:


You will get some reference from @wjervis's answer.

  • This works in 2013, but not 2010. Jul 7, 2016 at 15:58

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