Our Sales teams are tracking their sales objectives on SalesForce and they would like 2 of the reports (graphics mostly, as shown below) to be visible from their SharePoint team site. Is it possible? If so, how?

Example 2Example 1


I dont think you can do it without 3rd party tools.

  • 1st you need a connector to connect the Salesforce and SharePoint.
  • Then develop a Dashboard in SharePoint on the base of data.



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Agree with @WaqasSarwar, there is no direct way since Microsoft has not developed any direct API that plug in data from Salesforce to Sharepoint.

Just expanding on the answer, there are 3 ways you can achieve this:

  • Integrating using a third party system installed adapter
  • Integrating using a Microsoft Azure hosted service
  • Integrating using a third party integration service.

Indepth steps for all 3 methods here.

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