I'm trying to create a choice field / site column with choices. The field got created but no fields are available. It's basically a empty choice field.

Add-SPOFieldFromXml -FieldXml '<Field DisplayName="Dokument type" Type="Choice" Name="Dokument_Type" StaticName="Dokument_Type" ID="{b7da4426-ec4b-474d-9322-3b0638fb482b}" Group="Company" Required="FALSE"><Choices><Choice>choice1</Choice><Choice>choice2</Choice></Choices></Field>'
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    Can you make your edit an answer and mark it as such? – wjervis Jul 6 '16 at 14:02

Looks like it's a bug, but you can use:

Add-SPOField -InternalName "DD" -DisplayName "dd" -Group "D" -Type Choice -Choices @("111","222")


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  • Hello @Plexus81, you wrote Powershell script (if i'm correct). but i'm provisionning my Site Columns using PnP. SO i have an XML Template for my columns. Could you help me finding your solution in .XML please? My XML structure is the same as yours. – Gaelle Nov 10 '16 at 17:32

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