I have a list of project ID's. Each project ID has multiple app ID's. I need to create a form that list each app id as a field name so the user can submit allocation to each app id on the project level.

Currently, I have a list that has every app on a single row making it difficult to add up the distribution. There are many projects and many applications that will be filled out so ideally, I would like to create a form that can open one project and display all the app ID's and also allow the user to fill in the allocation. Is this possible?


Project ID  -  App ID  -  Allocation
1                A         50
1                B         50
2                C         33
2                D         33
2                E         33

SharePoint is not a relational database, so this is a bit of a mission, but it can be done. Mark Rackley has a great video tutorial for such a scenario for 2013 and the page contains a link to tutorials for earlier versions.



So, for those who care more about the “what” than the “how”, the steps we will be taking are:

  1. Create Lists and Document Library for scripts
  2. Add the Child list to the Parent item display form and create a web part connection to only display the appropriate child items
  3. Create script for the Parent’s display form and add script to the display form page
  4. Create script for the Child’s new form and add script to the new form page.

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