I have a cross-site publishing set up with a catalog/library in one site collection and a user/publishing site in another site collection.

Documents and links come through the cross-site publishing service and I am able to perform searches on terms in either the metadata data or the content, for example, a description column or in the body of a doc or pdf. That is all working well.

I also want to be able to put web part pages into my shared document library. This is where the trouble starts. However content in the content editor webparts of those pages don't show up in the search results.

I found this document with instructions on how to include .aspx pages in search results. Go to Site Settings > Site Admin > Search and offline availability. When I turn it on to always include .aspx pages I do start getting the contents of web part pages, but I also start getting a bunch of other pages I don't want, for example, edit and view forms in the hidden Forms directory.

How can I say, "I want any aspx pages and their content in this one library, but don't include all the site infrastructure pages."?

For example, include MySharedLibrary, but exclude docsethomepage.aspx?

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