I am developing application that accesses SharePoint server(2013) with NTLM authentication via Rest API.

IF once authenticated, It doesn't need to add HTTP request header "authorization".

So I want to know authentication period or default expiration time(valid time) for NTLM authentication.

I searched for this, but couldn't find any information.

Any idea?


NTLM is a connection oriented protocol. There is no concept of 'time out'. Every request is (re) authenticated by IIS (in this case).

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  • As I tested, it worked well when deletes 'authorization' header from second request or generates authorization value from type3message every time I request. And got error when added 'authorization' header which is generated first every time I request. That's why I searched time out concept of NTLM. If there is no concept of 'time out', how can IIS manage session of NTLM? – Jehyun Shim Jul 5 '16 at 4:13

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