I have SharePoint 2013 Foundation and I open Excel 2013 from Document Library, which has serval metadata fields, including Person Lookup.

Now, when I press Address book icon at Excel metadata bar, program just crashes:

[Address book icon press[1]

After I click this Address book (or check name), Excel just crashes... Excel crashes

Any suggestions, what might be the problem? Event log doesn't show anything useful neither.

I personally think, that this might be a problem with communication with SharePoint or some features are blocked, but what I should look for, if this might be the problem?

  • Could this problem happen because of some closed ports?
    – Taurib
    Jul 5, 2016 at 8:29

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Found the reason of my problem, that caused Excel to crash, when selecting People Lookup button. When I encountered same problem with SharePoint Designer User Lookup from site, I started to investigate it further.

Cause of problem was, that there were two port 80 bindings in IIS with different host names. Had to remove one (not defined in Central Admin) and have only one port 80 binding. After that, it worked fine.

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