I have the following problem: I want to get the values of excel cells with the REST Api and in SharePoint Designer 2013. So to do this I created a workflow with the "Call HTTP web service" action. But now I'm a little bit stuck somewhere:

  1. The URL: I've found some REST endpoints for Excel here. But I cannot find the endpoint for cell values. :-/

  2. I have problems with the request header. To get a better feeling for the Excel Api I just wanted to start by getting the titles of all workbook sheets (with the "/Model/Sheets?$format=atom" endpoint). For this I created the following RequestHeader Dictionary:

enter image description here

But when logging the ResponseCode to Workflow History List I only get "Forbidden". I thought it was a similar problem like this so I added the "Authorization: (empty string)" to the Request Header, but it did not work. :-/

So why is my request forbidden? :-/

Maybe someone can help me with this two little questions o:

  • Never used the Excel Services REST API before but by that documentation it looks like you can only reference named ranges.
    – Submits
    Jul 4, 2016 at 7:51

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The REST endpoint for getting the cell value of A1 would be something like this: https://.../sites/testsite/_vti_bin/ExcelRest.aspx/DocLib/test.xlsx/Model/Ranges('Sheet1!a1')

I followed the steps here https://sergeluca.wordpress.com/2013/04/09/calling-the-sharepoint-2013-rest-api-from-a-sharepoint-designer-workflow/ and it worked for me.

Maybe there is a case sensivity problem concerning the request parameters: Content-Type, Accept For the values of these I used: application/json; odata=verbose

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