How can i get picked/selected value from Taxonomy Picker "input". I have have implemented my Taxonomy field like showed in this article

And its working fine, the only thing i cant figure out is how to get the selected / picked taxonomy value from the input field. I need that value to further use it in my REST query to save in a list.

Iam working on a SharePoint Add-in app-part, using AngularJS, bootstrap, JSOM. Any help will be appriciated....

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You should be able to get it using something like this:

function getTaxonomyControlObjectValue() {
     var taxCtlObj = new Microsoft.SharePoint.Taxonomy.ControlObject($("#" + scope.contentControlId).get(0));
     var termValue = taxCtlObj.getRawText();
     return termValue;

You mentioned you were using AngularJS so that is why the scope object is up there. For anyone else, just replace the scope.contentControlId with your actual ID.


Oki, i can get or se the value:

var taxPickerIndex = $("#taxPickerOpenSingle").get(0);

[{"Id":"e0a1f57a-6746-4ecc-b119-47f2ff80a1ea","Name":"L3-2 Forbedringsprosess","PathOfTerm":"L3 Lede og forbedre;L3-2 Forbedringsprosess","Children":[],"Level":1,"RawTerm":null}]

but when it comes to line with code:

var taxCtlObj = new Microsoft.SharePoint.Taxonomy.ControlObject($("#" + scope.contentControlId).get(0));

I get an error :

TypeError: Cannot read property 'ControlObject' of undefined


iam running my code in a SharePoint online, ClientWebPart/App-Part as they call it now. Using AngularJS/Bootstrap jQuery, JSOM, and JAvascript....

  • i was not ref to script correct way: need to call SP.SOD.executeFunc('ScriptForWebTaggingUI.js', false, test); and put this line in default.aspx : <SharePoint:ScriptLink name="scriptforwebtaggingui.js" runat="server" OnDemand="true" LoadAfterUI="true" Localizable="false" /> Commented Jul 2, 2016 at 20:25

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