I've created a new custom edit form for a document library in SharePoint designer. "Launch forms in a dialog?" option in advanced settings is set to "yes", however, it does not affect anything. The form always shows as page. Out-of-box Edit form for a customized document type always pops up as a dialog, however, all other forms, including out-of-box forms for customized link to a document and document set, always appear as page. Please help. Is there a way to specify page appearance on the page definition?

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  1. For simpler way use window.Open

    var x = screen.width / 2 - 750 / 2;
    var y = screen.height / 2 - 600 / 2;
    <a class="evidences" title="To add evidences" onclick="window.open(\'' + url + '\', \'\', \'width=750,height=600,left=' + x + ',top=' + y + '\')"><div></div></a>
  2. Use SP Modal Dialog window


  • Sabitha, thank you for your answer. I haven't specified that I wanted to open a dialog box using custom action defined through SharePoint Designer. I've ended up calling javascript:OpenPopUpPageWithTitle. Jul 24, 2016 at 2:23

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