Hello I want to get only date and month in pagelayout. I edin aspx file.

This is my code:

<div class="event-date">
    <%@ SPContext.Current.ListItem["SODigitalPageDate"] != null? (new DateTime(SPContext.Current.ListItem["SODigitalPageDate"].toString()).ToString("s") %>

This is following error error:

/_catalogs/masterpage/NewsPageLayout.aspx. The server block is not well formed.

I checked this question here

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So take a look at my answer in the question you link to:

You are using


to open the code block, the answer uses


You are also missing the : string.Empty part in the end of the line


<%= SPContext.Current.ListItem["SODigitalPageDate"] != null ? (new DateTime(SPContext.Current.ListItem["SODigitalPageDate"].ToString()).ToString("s") : string.Empty %>

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