I'm having some trouble querying fields with KQL. I have a custom list with a field named "A".

The following query returns results:

path:"<My URL>"  (  title:"<Text that Appears in title>")

This query does not return results

path:"<My URL>"  (  A:"<Text that Appears in A>")

I imagine that I have to set up crawling or I'm using the wrong type of field. Any ideas?


Did you create a Managed Property for "A"? If not your query will not work. If "A" was created as a Site Column, SharePoint will create an "Automatic" Managed Property based on the name and data type. For example, if "A" is of type TEXT you could try AOWSTEXT:"Text in A"

There are tons of examples on how to create Managed Properties if you search for it.

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