I am working in an environment where the sharepoint patches are in the below level.


  1. Farm 1 - Build Version 15.0.4727.1000 - June 9th, 2015
  2. Farm 2 - Build Version 15.0.4535.1000 - ​August 2013 CU.


  1. Farm 3 - Build Version 14.0.7105.5000 - MS13-067 (Security) Aug 2013
  2. Farm 4 - Build Version 14.0.6029.1000 - SP2010 Service Pack1.

Now I need to install the recent updates on each farm as per MS recommendation for better performance of the servers. As the patch levels are very old, I am confused on planning the patch installation. Can i install the recent update directly or do I need to install any specific updates first and then install the recent CU? Please suggest.

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You will need to apply Service Pack 1 to SharePoint 2013 prior to updating to May 2016 CU. For SharePoint 2010, you will need to apply Service Pack 2 prior to updating to the May 2016 CU.


all Updates for SharePoint 2013 require SharePoint Server 2013 SP1 to be installed first.Read More here: May 2016 CU for SharePoint 2013 product family is available for download

It is required to have SP2 installed for the base product and all installed language packs to install May 2016 CU for SharePoint 2010. Read more here May 2016 CU for SharePoint 2010 product family is available for download

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