I currently managed to do it with


I tried using skiptoken instead of skip but no skiptoken result is returned.

I tried adding "ListItemCollectionPosition": null to the query but no ListItemCollectionPosition is returned.

  • $skip attribute is not available on O365
    – Marco
    Jun 28 '16 at 13:53
  • Maybe it is not availiable for other endpoints. It already works for monthes for me in GetItems. It is tested and running in production. Jun 28 '16 at 13:57
  • $skipt does not works for listitem endpoints, it works for lists endpoint. also the skiptoken is the best way to implement paging. make sure you only have next and previous buttons, as skiptoken will provide data only for next and previous call. you will also need to add RowLimit i.e $top for REST Jun 29 '16 at 7:30
  • skiptoken wont work in /GetItems(query=@v1). I try to use it but __nextPage is not returned for me. Jun 29 '16 at 7:41

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