I need to migrate documents from Box to SharePoint. Is there any feasibility to do this without using the 3rd party tools? Any help on this is highly appreciated.

UPDATED: What if I download the docs from BOX and upload it to SharePoint Document library instead of migrating? what are the possible information that will get lost?


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If you can download the document from BOX to local drive than you should try below steps to upload documents to SharePoint Online Document Library

  1. Copy your SharedPoint document library URL for example, http://spsite.sharepoint.com/Shared Documents
  2. Open Windows Explorer, right click My Computer and select Map Network Drive
  3. Choose drive letter that you want to use, then enter the URL that you copied in step 1. Then click finish. It will prompt for username and password enter your SharePoint login username and password
  4. Now users can access SharePoint document library from Windows Explorer but they need to have privilege to the relevant document library that you mapped.
  5. just copy all documents from local drive to mapped SharePoint Document library as explorer (drive).

Refer my answer below given link

Download all files in a Documents Library and upload them to a different Share Point Installation


I am not aware about how to download the documents from BOX to local drive.

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