I have a Document Library on SharePoint On premise.

I have created SharePoint 2013 Workflow for Document Library.

I have created Custom Action from SharePoint Designer to Initiate Workflow.

so my custom action is display in list item menu. when I have click on action workflow trigger. But it will redirect to site Home page. how to stop to redirect.

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You may have to use the "Navigate to URL" and type in the server relative url to the workflow initiation form while using tokens for the ID

/sites/example/_layouts/IniWrkflIP.aspx?List={ListId}&ID={ItemId}&TemplateID={<templateID of workflow}&Source=<url>

where <url> is wherever you want the user to navigate to after the initiation form has been pressed and <template id of workflow> is the template ID of the workflow you get by going to the initiation form manually and copying it from the URL.

  • Where do you get the template ID? I don't see this on the manual start page. – Rothrock Oct 11 '19 at 22:21

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